A downloadable game for Windows

Lost Butt is a platforming comedy adventure. You play as a butt who has lost his owner, and must find him.

In this unique platform game you will play through lots of levels and lots of environments! And with all these places, comes lots of hazards! Sneak your way past guards or dodge pesky spikes!

And on top of all that awesomeness there is butt customization too! Customize your butt's color and give him some fancy hats and power-ups!

But wait! There's more!

Even if you happen to beat the main campaign, you can start making your own crafty levels in the level editor! Then share your level online for the community to play!

So what are you waiting for? Get Lost Butt now!

Note: Even though LB is a finished product, I will still release content updates if the game is popular enough.

Install instructions

1. Extract the file.

2. Run Lost Butt.exe

3. Have fun!


Lost Butt 1.1.zip 47 MB